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FAQs & Everything You Need to Know


Awaken Conference will now be held at Balboa Campus, San Marcos Campus, and Salt Lake City

Same Conference, Same Times, Three Locations!

Why are we moving from Town & Country and The Legacy Center to our Campuses?
Town & Country Resort has decided to cancel our conference reservation at their location due to what they feel is a “potential security risk” with the nature of our speakers, their followings, and Awaken being a high profile church.

We would have been a blessing to the hotel and community, that being said, we are excited to host our conference in our own venues where we can set an atmosphere of faith, hope, and love.

We booked a hotel room, will we be reimbursed?
Town & Country Resort and the Legacy International Center are both automatically refunding all hotel rooms on Sunday, July 10th.  Please contact the hotel with your reservation confirmation number should you have any questions regarding your hotel room or refunds.

Conferences and Locations Per Age Group
San Marcos Campus (Bressi/SM) – Adults and Kidz Conferences
Balboa Campus (Eastlake, El Cajon, Balboa) – Adults and Kidz Conferences
Bressi (ALL CAMPUSES) – Youth Conference  (joining Adults at their respective campuses for all PM sessions)
Salt Lake City – Adults and Youth are in one Main Conference at our Salt Lake City Campus!

**Kids Conference: 6 months-11 yrs (5th grade)
**Youth: 6th-12th grade

Adult Conference

Can I choose which campus I want to attend for Conference or will I be automatically assigned?
– Already registered and selected Eastlake, El Cajon, and Balboa as your home campus? Please join us at our Balboa Conference location.
– Already registered and selected San Marcos or Bressi Ranch as your home campus? Please join us at our San Marcos Conference location.

If you would like to change campuses, you are welcome to do so.
Please log in to your Brushfire account by accessing your account here. (Follow the email instructions you receive, log in and click on Awaken Conference 2022).

Will the Café be open or do I need to bring my own food/drinks?
Our Awaken Cafés will be open! Registrations do not include meals.

Can I go to Balboa some days and San Marcos other days?
No. Your registration is honored at one conference location.

If I’m registered to serve, which campus will I serve at?
You will serve at the campus you are registered at. Please make sure to connect with your leader for all the details concerning your serving area.

** Included in ALL REGISTRATIONS will be a FREE MEDIA PASS that will include Audio and Video from the Conferences**

Kidz Conference

Awaken ROAR! Kidz Conference will be running at all 3 locations: Balboa, San Marcos, and SLC for children that are 6 months to 11yrs old (5th grade).
Parents and children need to be registered and attend the same location as one another.  Children will need to be picked up during afternoon breaks in between morning and night sessions.

If my Kids and Youth are already registered, will they automatically be assigned with me?
Kids and Youth will follow whichever location the parent is attending.

Will my kids be fed or should I bring food for Awaken Kidz Conference?
We are providing snacks, lunch, and dinner for kids. If your kids have allergies, sensitivities, or preferences, please bring food for them and label it with their names.

Where can I find more information about the Awaken Kidz Conference?
An email will be sent to all registered parents on Tuesday with all further details. You can also ask a leader in your Kidz Church.

Youth Conference

What transportation will be offered for the Youth Conference?
BALBOA/EL CAJON/EASTLAKE ONLY: Youth Buses will be running from Balboa to Bressi for AM sessions leaving at 8:15 am, and from Bressi back to Balboa (arrival around 1:00 pm Friday and 1:30 pm on Saturday) for PM sessions. The youth buses will be leaving from Balboa only to transport El Cajon, Balboa, and Eastlake students.

My teenager rode the Youth bus from Balboa to Bressi. What time will the bus be back at Balboa on Friday and Saturday?
– Arrive at Balboa at 1:00pm on Friday, July 15th
– Arrive at Balboa at 1:30 pm on Saturday, July 16th

What time do the buses leave Balboa on Friday and Saturday morning to take Youth to Bressi Ranch Campus?
– BALBOA: Buses will depart Balboa Campus at 8:15 am, to take Youth to Bressi Ranch Campus. (There is only 1 shuttle time )

– SAN MARCOS:  There will be a four-hour break after AM sessions for all campuses, therefore, Bressi to San Marcos shuttles will not be running.

– SAN MARCOS PARENTS: Please pick up your kids from Bressi immediately after AM sessions conclude. Hang out or go enjoy lunch and community before bringing the entire family back to San Marcos for PM sessions with our Youth!