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Becoming a Connect Leader

Being a Connect Leader is an Honor and a Responsibility

We want to make sure you feel confident and comfortable as you step into this amazing role.
Find out if you qualify to become a Connect Leader below.

Key Responsibilities

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Live a life of example

Maintain a healthy relationship with God, champion the Awaken DNA, attend major events, and carry a heart for the Connect ministry.

Facilitate Connect Group

Plan, communicate, invite, host, and lead your Connect Group each Connect week. Groups meet without exception during the Connect Semester.

Build a discipleship culture

Connect people to Jesus with healthy intimacy and identity. Get your people excited and get them moving through our Awaken DNA.


Give updates to both your Coach or the Connect Group as directed.

Submit Health Reports each semester and review with your Coach

Take the time to fill out Health Reports, and be ready to review them with your Connect Coach.

Attend all Connect Leader meetings and Leader’s nights

Come to each Connect Leader meetings and Leader’s nights.

Invite people into your group

Have an open heart and an open home as you purposefully go find people who need connection and invite them to your group.

Create community within your Connect Group

Help your people in your group feel like family!

Shepherd the people under your care

Maintain a positive relationship with them and ensure they are healthy and growing as individuals, especially outside of Connect group. Be a resource for your people as pastoral care situations arise, directing them according to the situation and partnering with your Coach as needed.

Identify and prepare new Leaders to launch their own group

Always be identifying and raising new Leaders from within your group. Every leader is expected to launch at least one new group per year.

Stay on top of administrative tasks

Keep up with taking attendance, managing your roster, and following up with leads.

Maintain constant communication with your Connect Coach

Stay connected with your Connect Coach.


  • You have spent at least 1 full semester attending a Connect group.
  • You soak and serve during Sunday services.
  • You tithe regularly.
  • You are in good standing with your current leadership at Awaken Church.
  • You are excited about taking on the responsibility to shepherd others!
  • You can dedicate 8 hours during Connect weeks and 4 hours during non-Connect weeks.
  • You adhere to Connect policies of culture and behavior.
  • You can commit to at least two semesters of leading your group.
  • You attend and champion Awaken’s major conferences and events.

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