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What’s Next?

Our DNA Course is designed for you to connect to others, learn about and grow in the Awaken culture, as well as develop and empower the talents and gifts that God has created in you. This course is made up of four classes that happen the 1st through 4th Sundays of every month.
The beautiful thing is that you don’t need to wait till the 1st Sunday of the month to start. Just go find one of our DNA team in your campus lobby and they will help you jump into any DNA class at any time 🙂

Balboa: 10am
Bay Ho:
Boise: 11am
Bressi Ranch: 9am
Coronado: Coming Soon

Eastlake: 11am
El Cajon: 9am
Mission Valley: Resuming Soon
Salt Lake City: 10am
San Marcos: 9am

*Check-In time is 15min before the class starts


DNA 1: Connect

Connect to God, Vision & Community.
The first step to living a life of purpose as a disciple is understanding that you are truly known, loved, wanted, and needed. As you connect to community and to God, you awaken your purpose, vision, and gifts that are all needed to build The Church!


DNA 2: Develop

Develop your gifts.
“There is no discipleship without development and there is no development without discipleship. We are here to disciple you, we are here to develop you. Once we develop people we have a vision to empower people.” – Pastor Jurgen


DNA 3: Empower

Empower your purpose.
We want you to invite the Holy Spirit into your world so you can live your best life now! During this session, you’ll get clarity on your God-given skillset, purpose, and calling. You’ll leave knowing where you can help build the kingdom of God here at Awaken.


DNA 4: Join A Team

DNA 4 is the only session that requires you to attend previous sessions before you register. DNA 4 is only available for those that have completed DNA 1, DNA 2 & DNA 3.

Click for DNA FAQs

1. How Do I RSVP?

Click HERE to get an invite to DNA 1

2. If I missed a class, how do I make it up?

DNA happens the first 4 weeks of every month. You may make up the class you missed the following month. For example: if you missed Week 2 in January you would simply attend Week 2 in February as it is the same class.

3. If I attend DNA 1, does this automatically RSVP me for the other classes?

Yes, the DNA team will automatically invite you to the following week’s class.

4. Can I start my class on the 4th week?

No, the 4th week is a day to meet the trainers from serving teams. Please plan to start the following month at DNA 1.

5. Can I serve on a team before completing the entire 4-session course?

No, you will need to complete the entire course before serving on a team.

6. What can I expect to happen at DNA?

DNA will help you connect to other people at Awaken Church, step deeper into your God-given potential, and learn from some of the finest leaders at Awaken Church.

More Ways to Get Involved

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