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Connect Groups are now Awaken Parties. Enjoy good food, discover great friends, and inject faith into your life.
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At Awaken Church, we do life together. God did not design us to do life alone. We truly are better connected, and at Awaken we bring this to life through the combination of Sunday gatherings and Awaken Parties.

Our large Sunday gatherings across all of our campuses provide you with a faith injection so you can accelerate towards the God-purpose on your life individually and as a member of our collective church family.

We also want you to find a close group of friends you can journey through life with. Your Awaken Party is that group.

Awaken Parties take place every Sunday across all our cities. As you get connected into one of our Awaken Parties you’ll begin to walk into the fresh, real, and powerful life that God has called you to!

Samuel & Katie Deuth

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Are you interested in starting your own Awaken Party? Our Parties exist to make sure everyone in our church has a family to have fun, grow in their faith and do life with. Our Awaken Party Hosts make it happen.

We are constantly equipping and launching new Party Hosts. We are looking for leaders who will commit to creating a great atmosphere for people to build friendships and grow their relationships with Jesus. Our Awaken Party Hosts get unique access to resources, events and training from church leadership and get to take an active role in forwarding God’s kingdom.

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Connect group has completely transformed my family's life! Last year our family went through a season of financial hardship. Our connect group family joined together and help get us through it. During our families time of Complete vulnerability and transparency, we gained priceless connections and friendships with members of our connect group. We were never meant to do life alone and through our testimony we learned the value of being a part of a connect group.

Marcellis & Martina Schubert

Nothing makes you feel more involved and loved than being part of a connect group. Church becomes so much more fun when you do life and edify each other in smaller groups. Our family has been so blessed through the outpouring encouragement of those in our connect group. We had such a difficult move back to San Diego, but our church group helped us carry our burdens through prayer and loving on us.

Monique & Ervin Hernandez

From day one at Connect Group we really felt like we were being welcomed into a family. I think the number one reason we keep going back is that we know from personal experience how easy it is to fall into a destructive existence of isolation when we don’t respond to God’s calling on our lives to engage in community. That type of existence fosters loneliness, bitterness, depression and desperation — a desperation for something more, something meaningful. Connect Group has reminded us that we need people in this life who don’t just check in, but who show up; who don’t just know our names, but intimately know the very real dreams and pains that are on our hearts; and, who point us to God’s promises when we’ve lost sight of what we know to be truth.

Emily & Shawn Villar

Connect Group has been an absolute lifeline for us. On moving our family here from the UK we knew no-one but knew in the power of the church & of small groups so hunted out a Connect group fast! We were blessed to find the Smiths Connect & from the 1st day we walked into a strangers house we were welcomed, loved on, fed with amazing food (!) & strengthened in the things of God. Strangers fast become friends & now family! We now host our own Connect & love being able to give back & add people to our family each time we meet.

The Robst Family

Although we were saved, accepted Jesus, Baptized at Church, most of our growth has come from connect group. We have the best leaders anyone could ask for, they have helped us grow spiritually, as parents, as people in general. We have found the family we did not have.

Edgar & Maria Jimenez