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Giving Back To The Community

The proceeds from every ticket to Night of Christmas sold will be donated to helping the homeless in San Diego County. As homelessness has risen in our city by 10% in the last two years alone, we are partnering with We See You San Diego and Solutions for Change to donate the profits from patron ticket sales to these impactful organizations.

We were able to give $160,000 to help the homeless!

The Mission & The Action:

To serve our neighbors experiencing homelessness in order to restore dignity & identity; to see people break free from addiction, homelessness and life on the streets. We cultivate a peaceful, safe, loving environment where our neighbors experiencing homelessness are treated as our honored guests and served the very best we have to give.
Holding a young woman’s hand as she is experiencing the pains of labor, looking through a glass wall into the eyes of a man serving a jail sentence, driving a 45 year-old woman away from the streets of San Diego to a recovery program as she leaves homelessness & crystal methamphetamine behind . . . We See You San Diego, has the honor of walking with people through their most joyous & difficult times . . . but it all starts with a home-cooked meal & a smile.


We Help Transform Lives

Right now, 20 million people are stuck in The Churn in the United States—including millions of stressed parents and children without a stable place to grow.

Since we opened our doors in 1999, we have seen how homelessness and poverty trap people in a cycle of  hardship, temporary relief, and dependency. This cycle is what we call The Churn—it’s a costly and futile cycle that captures the most vulnerable and keeps them and their loved ones trapped. Our goal is to teach people to fight The Churn, and help them overcome to live happy, independent lives.