You’re invited to
Twisted the Musical


We all know the story of Ebenezer Scrooge; a lonely and miserly old man who despised Christmas. Have you ever wondered what kind of life brought him to that place? What events transpired…how bad could life have gotten to make a man so Twisted?

This December, Awaken Church invites you to Twisted The Musical which is a church service wrapped up in a story and performance! Join us on a melodic journey into the life of Ebenezer Scrooge as we pull back the curtains on this classic Christmas story. Infused with drama as well as humor, this musical tells the origins through your favorite 80’s songs. You will laugh, cry, and fall in love with this Christmas tale!

** Toddlers can sit on laps however parental guidance recommended for children under 5 due to the sometimes intense and grown-up nature of the show
** Also, because there are other ticket-holders there to enjoy the show, we have a separate Family Room where we ask that any parents take their children if they are making noise during the performance


Balboa Campus

Thur, Dec 10th: 6pm, 8pm
Fri, Dec 11th: 6pm, 8pm
Sat, Dec 12th: 4pm, 6pm

San Marcos Campus

Thur, Dec 17th: 6pm, 8pm
Fri, Dec 18th: 6pm, 8pm
Sat, Dec 19th: 4pm, 6pm


General: $10
Value Plus: $15
Premium: $20
Platinum: $25
Front Row: $50
Front Row VIP: $100

Front Row VIP Seats Include
• Guided onstage and backstage tour    • Lead cast meet-and-greet
• Photo ops  • Light refreshments.