Welcome to Awaken

What’s Next?

Our DNA Course is designed for you to connect to others, learn more and grow the Awaken culture, as well as develop and empower the talents and gifts that God has created in you.


Connect to God, Vision & Community

Everyone is called to be a disciple, not just be saved. To be a disciple you have to "Connect". Connecting is the first step of being a part of Awaken Church. We see it as connecting to God, each other, and the church.


Develop your gifts.

"There is no discipleship without development and there is no development without discipleship. We are here to disciple you, we are here to develop you. Once we develop people we have a vision to empower people." - Pastor Jurgen

How can I develop my gifts?


Empower your purpose.

We want you to be filled with the presence and power of the Holy Spirit, to live a powerful life, so you literally live your best life now. We want you to discover your God-designed destiny. We want you to fulfill your God purpose and calling. We want you to live a life filled with powerful Holy Spirit, above every circumstance.

How can I empower my purpose?